autism journal p.12

163145_1591383515818_1070701_nAutism Journal p.12

i am growling
they can’t hear me, but they know
surely they know
they should know
i feel powerful
they know not to approach me
if they come too close, i will bite them
i will bite them with my teeth

why won’t they let me alone?
i am being still
i will bite them if i have to

i am sad
i am scared

i feel powerful
i can keep them away with my growling
my silent growling
they know i will bite
i hope they don’t make me bite
i hope they keep their distance

i love them
i hope i don’t have to bite

i am so sad
i am so lonely
i am so afraid
i am so small

all i have is the silent growl
and the teeth

~ mari stein 2009 ~


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