Speak Until You Are Heard

One of the stories we discussed from The Best American Short Stories 2014 was Long Tom Lookout. The child in this story was autistic. As we discussed the story, the group included a lot of opinions stereotyping people with Autism and people on the spectrum. I was genuinely upset with not only their strictly limited view of us, but their stubbornness when confronted with information that would cause them to realize that they were characterizing people, real people with their conveniently narrow views. I offered my card, perhaps not as sweetly as I might have, but neither was I rude. I finally GET IT … I finally understand what it is like to be a conveniently stereotyped minority. Not one single person wanted my card.11108193_10204113337385016_8593395672420920892_n

It does not seem an especially threatening card to me.

Luckily Friday My husband Rick and our friends Pam and Richard Hirte went to Final Friday at the Pendelton in Cincinnati

There was a lot of great art, but the piece that was the star of the evening for me was a small work by pattie byron      11161350_10204175076848464_8188900886421597767_n www.pattiebyron.com

Speak LOUDLY until you ARE heard.

For now, that is easier said than done, but I WILL do it !


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