Autism Speaks for Autistics as the KKK Speaks for Blacks, as Nazis Speaks For Jews, as Westboro Baptist Church Speaks For Gays


Autism Speaks raises a lot of money for Autism Research. They hope to identify the gene that causes Autism. Once that science is done, parents will be able to decide if they want to abort an autistic embryo. Should we just sit by and accept this. In EVERY instance substitute the word BLACK or JEW or GAY. If it is not alright to trample all over the rights of Blacks, Jews or Gays, why is it all right to treat us as mistakes, to trample all over us?

Should Westboro Baptist Church run an organization called Gay Speaks?  Gay people are gay when they wake up in the morning, they are gay when they go to bed at night. They are not going to wake up one morning and be different than they are. Neither are we.

Protest At Ground Zero

Autism speaks wishes to deny that Autistic children will grow up to be Autistic adults.

They wish to deny that children with Aspergers will grow up to be Aspie adults. They believe that it can be outgrown or trained out of us. Does this sound familiar gay people? They wish us to not exist and they are raising a lot of money to that end

Should The KKK run an organization called Blacks Speak?  89118333ed6NEU

No they should not. How is our situation any different? Do black people wake up  in the morning black and go to bed at night black? Certainly they do. We wake up every morning Autistic, go to bed every night still Autistic. Can an organization raise money to make black people no longer black? Of course not, but Autism Speaks can do that to us. To Autistics. And they can do it as a tax exempt organization. What other group can be openly treated this way? None.


Should Nazis run an organization called Jews Speak? Again No. Only us. Only Autistics.  We are the sole target in the sights of Autism Speaks, and they have put a lot of propaganda into giving lip service to wishing us well.

The next time you think maybe autistic people or people with Aspergers can do a little better, that they need to overcome these annoying quirks and behaviors they have, substitute the word Black, Gay or Jew for the word Autistic or Aspie. See how it works. It doesn’t work,

Life is hard for us every day. Every single day. That doesn’t mean we are not happy people, it doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate all the upside to our disorder; it simply means that even with all that, it is hard every single day. We do not need an organization trying to commit genocide upon is in Our Own Name.


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